We are creating the first participative cooperative supermarket in Stockholm.

Here's how it works

Members own the supermarket

By each owning a share of the store, we vote on decisions together.

Members work in the supermarket

By working 3 hours a month, we keep the prices low.

Members shop at the supermarket

Only members can shop, but anyone can become a member.

We strive to be a community where everyone is welcome and where every member equally contributes with their participation and ideas, sharing and trusting each other.

We will balance our food selection between environmental impact, quality and price, because good food is something we all need, it makes us feel good and brings us together.

We want to create a model for a sustainable supermarket that develops and encourages environmentally friendly food choices.

We are a non profit association called Lokatten's vänner, created in November 2018. We are on a journey to create Stockholm's first participative and cooperative supermarket - Lokatten. Now, in 2020, we are more than 70 members enjoying spending time together, with many working actively to achieve our goals.

Want to find out more or join us?

To stay in the loop, join our public Facebook group or our email list through the links below.

This way you can stay updated and at upcoming events you have the option to learn more or join as a member.